References: Health Care and the Aging Population: What are Today's Challenges?


Information on-line at the American Nurses Association's web site

The ANA is a national organization that represents, advocates, and educates the nearly 2.6 million Registered Nurses in the United States. The actions of the organization include congressional involvement. Retrieved on July 8, 2003,

Working with the Aging Patient Article by Michael Stewart, MA - An article developed to educate nurses on the multitude of educational and functional levels of aging adults with a focus on approaches to working with this population. Retrieved on July 8, 2003,

Nursing Around the World: Japan Pre-paring for the Century of the Elderly. By Janet Primomo PhD, RN - Written to raise conscious awareness of societal changes in Japan as their population ages. Retrieved on July 8, 2003,

Depression May be driving the Elderly Over the Edge
Education in regard to suicide amongst the elderly population is headlined in this article. The article provides an eye opening review of suicidal statistics amongst our elderly population. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Section on Elder Abuse from ANA for CEU
Abuse and neglect of the elderly is brought to the forefront of this article with estimates predicting the over 60-age group will reach 80 million by 2030. Also, an opportunity to earn CEU's. Retrieved on July 8, 2003,

Getting Connected Innovative programs help faculty gain expertise in gerontological nursing Article by Susan Trossman, RN - Gaining expertise in the field of gerontological nursing is the topic of this article. Included in the article is not only a focus on the ill but also information requesting a need to for nurses to be proficient in healthy aging. Retrieved on July 8, 2003, [pdf]

Professional Organizations

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry: A link for healthcare providers in relation to psychiatric issues in our aging population. News, facts, and tools for coping with behavioral health issues and the aging adult. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

American Federation for Aging Research: A federation that promotes scientists to study the process of aging, aging research, and aging medicine. Included in the site are links to obtaining grants, and ongoing initiatives to further educate the public on age related information. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

American Psychological Association Division 20

Adult Development and Aging:Division 20 members are intimately concerned with growth, development and decline across adulthood and old age. Division 20 is also a supporter of research initiatives to assist the aging adult in healthy aging. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

The Gerontological Society of America: A non-profit organization that provides information to professionals and families in regard to the aging adult. Research in the area of improving the quality of life as one ages is highlighted on this site. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Help Age International: A global network of not-for-profit organizations that provide multi-regional support and advocacy for the aging adult. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

British Geriatrics Society: British based website dedicated to geriatric medicine, the psychiatry of old age, public health medicine, and research of age-related disease. Links also provided for Scotland. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

National Council on Aging: A construct of research initiatives current, landmark, and past. A comprehensive association of organizations and professionals dedicated to promoting healthy aging. A network of more than 17,000 organizations. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:


Sites related to U.S. and other Governments

Web Site of the Federal Interagency Forum On Aging-Related Statistics (Forum): A site that provides aging related statistics for clinicians, researchers, and scientists interested in promoting a healthy aging experience. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Administration on Aging: A website dedicated to providing an overview of topics and programs in relation to the aging adult. The site provides information in a user-friendly manner. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: National Center for Health Statistics: A website of Health Statistics that provides statistical information to guide initiatives and policies in a search to promote a healthier public. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Health Canada Division of Aging and Seniors: A web site based out of Canada that provides clinicians and the public federal leadership in the areas of aging and seniors. The website can be viewed in French or English. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Medicare: The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare. Also provides information for providers. The links that directly follow include comparative information in regard to home care agencies and nursing homes. Included is detailed information related to performance of these agencies and nursing homes. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: The Nation's lead Federal agency for research on health care quality, costs, outcomes, and patient safety. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:


Articles from a range of sources

Geriatric Times: An online journal providing up to date clinically based information in regard to our aging population. Content includes special reports, compelling editorial information, news coverage, CE's, and patient education materials. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from: >

ASA Connection: An online e-newsletter promoted by the American Society on Aging. Content includes updates and timely announcements on events, new research, and policy developments in aging, Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Social Gerontology & the Aging Revolution: A depiction of the social impact of an aging population in society. The site also includes links to related sites. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Geropsychology Central: Provides links to information and services for older adults and Geropsychology professionals. The site also provides educational resources for families and friends of an aged adult. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Depression in the Elderly: A site that provides links to sites providing information in regard to depression and the elderly. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Alzheimer Europe: The site addresses Alzheimer Europe as a Non-Governmental organization dedicated to raising awareness to groups and individuals on varying forms of dementia. The site also includes support for the sufferers and caretakers of individuals with dementia. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from:

Senior A website that provides individuals with information on aging. The site includes various areas of aging including the following: Positive Aging, Sociologic Changes, Physical Changes and Metabolic Changes to name a few. Retrieved on July 8, 2003 from: