What is OJIN's Purpose?

OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing is a peer-reviewed publication that provides a forum for discussion of the issues inherent in current topics of interest to nurses and other health care professionals. The intent of this journal is to present different views on issues that affect nursing research, education, and practice, thus enabling readers to understand the full complexity of a topic. The interactive format of the journal encourages a dynamic dialogue resulting in a comprehensive discussion of the topic, thereby building up the body of nursing knowledge and suggesting policy implications that enhance the health of the public. For additional history, read OJIN Editor Harriet Coeling's letter.

Who Writes the OJIN Articles?

Each new topic begins with a collection of invited, peer-reviewed articles written by national and international experts in a particular topical area. The lead-off initial article, generally a historical review of the topic, is followed by several articles discussing relevant facets of the topic along with future directions. As soon as these initial articles are posted, all authors are encouraged to submit voluntary manuscripts to share their research, thinking, and/or experiences that are related to the issue and question(s) addressed in the initial articles and that add new information and/or new perspective on these issues. In this way the voluntary manuscripts further develop, enhance, and round out the discussion of the topic. All potential authors are encouraged to contact the editor as soon as an upcoming topic is listed on the home page to begin discussing manuscripts they would like to submit for the topic.

What topics does OJIN publish?

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts that present research, thinking, and/or experiences furthering the discussion of any previously posted OJIN topic. The list of OJIN topics can be accessed from the top Menu. Manuscripts can be submitted indefinitely after the first article on the topic has been posted, even if the topic was initially introduced many years previously. OJIN's online technology enables us to place newly accepted manuscripts that are related to previously posted articles immediately following the other articles for that topic, thus grouping like articles together, and showing how nursing's collective thinking may be changing over time.

What is the OJIN Peer-Review Process?

All OJIN manuscript submissions that meet author guidelines are peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers. This peer-review process generally takes about 6 weeks. If reviewers recommend that the author(s) revise and resubmit their manuscript after the reviewer concerns/requests for additions/changes are addressed, an OJIN Editor emails the reviewer comments/requests back to the author(s) and offers the author(s) the opportunity to revise and resubmit the manuscript. A time frame for this revision is mutually determined by the lead author and an OJIN Editor. After the manuscript is revised and resubmitted, a decision as to rejection, further revision, or acceptance will be made by the Editorial Staff. Accepted manuscripts will become the property of OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.

Does OJIN follow formal ethical guidelines?

OJIN follows Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines (COPE) for editors. We are in process of applying for COPE membership.

What is the Publication Schedule for OJIN?

Invited submissions: OJIN, being a topical journal, initiates a new topic three times a year, generally at the end of the months of January, May, and September. OJIN invites potential authors who are experts in a specific topical area to submit a peer-reviewed article addressing a specified aspect of the topic. The invited articles that are accepted are published together as a group of articles, this initiating a new OJIN topic. The posting of a new topic is announced on the OJIN homepage.

Voluntary submissions: Once a topic has been posted, and any time thereafter, readers are invited to voluntarily submit manuscripts for OJIN consideration. Once these articles are peer reviewed, revised, and accepted, they are posted in the journal on an ongoing basis. Voluntary manuscripts on any previously posted topic can be submitted at any time.

What are OJIN’s Criteria for Authorship?

To be considered an author of an OJIN article, one must have contributed significantly to the preparation of the manuscript. Authors of research-based manuscripts are expected to have had a leading role in at least one of the following areas: development of the research question; planning and arranging for the conduct of the study; collection of the data; analysis of the data; writing of the manuscript. Authors of non-research-based articles are expected to have had a leading role in conceptualizing the basic argument of the manuscript and/or the preparation and writing of the manuscript.

We seek authors with established expertise in a given field. Manuscripts should discuss content that significantly builds on an existing OJIN topic. While student manuscripts are not prohibited, work of a preliminary nature is unlikely to be accepted.

We encourage that those who have contributed specific aspects/segments to the manuscript, but who do not qualify for authorship (as listed above) be listed as contributors in an acknowledgment at the end of the article.

What Author Fees are Charged for Publishing in OJIN?

OJIN has no author fees or charges for submitting a manuscript for consideration; for the review process; or for the publication of the article

What Complaint Process does OJIN follow?

OJIN encourages readers to submit a Letter to the OJIN Editor to address published topics or individual articles or columns. Letters may express appreciation for or discuss concerns about published content.

Concerns about the journal itself should also be directed to the OJIN Editor

If the Editor is not able to resolve a complaint, the matter can be taken up with the ANA Assistant Director/Editor, Communications.

How Can I Subscribe to OJIN?

It's not necessary to subscribe to the journal. It is offered free to all nurses and health care professionals and anyone interested in health care issues.

Does OJIN accept advertisements?

We do not accept external advertising at this time.

Is There A Charge for Printing Out Articles?

No, readers may print out any article at no charge. We remind you, however, that all contents of OJIN are protected by copyright.

How Can I Participate in OJIN?

We heartily encourage responses from our readers. By responding you will assist OJIN in its mission of providing a forum for discussion of pertinent issues in nursing. You can respond by writing a letter to the editor about a particular article or a general letter about one of the posted topics. You can also respond by submitting a voluntary manuscript, as discribed above, that presents your experiences, thinking and/or research on an OJIN topic.

What Do Others Say About OJIN?

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