Introduction and Overview: Keynotes of Note

Karen W. Budd, PhD, CNS
Department Editor

One of the most satisfying aspects about the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing is the opportunity to learn the latest thinking about health care-related topics in a timely way that is not geographically bound. Cutting-edge information can be accessed from any Internet-linked computer. The "Keynotes of Note" department introduces yet another dimension to this up-to-the-minute, worldwide aspect. The keynote and plenary addresses posted here will provide readers with information within a relatively short time after the speech was given and also convey the sense that the reader actually is present while a speech is being given! The first address to be included in this department is a prime example. With the posting of Kirsten Stallknecht's American Nurses Association convention address, readers are "hearing" first-hand the latest thinking of the President of the International Council of Nurses about the state of the nursing profession.

Publishing a speech in OJIN differs from authoring OJIN articles in three aspects. First, since the speech has been presented, in a sense it has been judged by peers already, and will not receive additional peer review. Second, the author of the speech will retain its copyright. The third aspect is that a picture of the speaker will be included with the posting to convey further the sense that the reader is present at the presentation.

The criteria to be used for inclusion of speeches in this department are:

  • Speech is a keynote or plenary address.
  • Content is related to a posted OJIN topic.
  • References are documented using the latest APA format.

For additional information about this new OJIN department, to suggest speeches that you would like to see included, or to submit a speech for possible inclusion, please contact me at