Multistate Licensure: Who Owns Your Care? References


Information available at the American Nurses Association's site, NursingWorld.
Title Protection for Registered Nurses '” Examples from State Nurse Practice Acts
Comparison of states on title protection for RNs.
NursingWorld | Legislative Branch: State Government Relations
Has several links to interstate practice and legislation.
Multistate Licensure Compact - Talking Points
Discussion of ten points of concern that should be considered before adopting a multistate licensure compact.
Interstate '” HOD Action 1998
Resolution on interstate practice from 1998 ANA House of Delegates.
ANA Response to Pew Commission Report
The American Nurses Association's official response to the Pew Taskforce Report on health care Workforce regulation. December 5, 1996.
Telehealth '” Issues For Nursing
ANA's overview of telehealth practice.
Special House of Delegates Edition: Multistate Regulation of Nurses
Background on idea of Multistate Licensure with discussion of issues surrounding the licensure model adopted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) in August 1997.
1996 Prescriptive Authority Chart
State by state comparison of APN prescriptive authority.

Professional Nursing Organizations

National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)
List of the state boards of nursing
Mutual Recognition: TOC
Wealth of links to sites within NCSBN for information on mutual recognition model.
California Nurses Association '” Response to the Pew Report
CNA response to Pew report.
AWHONN - Position Statements
The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), position statement, "Interstate Compact for Mutual Recognition of State Licensure"
AWHONN Advocacy: Genetic Information Nondiscrimination in Health
The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), news release, "A new model for nursing state licensure"
Emergency Alert
American College of Nurse-Midwives "Tip sheet" for discussing multistate licensure and midwifery.

Professional organizations

Sites generated by health care organizations
URAC draft on telephone triage
1998 Draft by the American Accreditation health care Commission/URAC called 24-Hour Telephone Triage and Health Information Standards, v. 1.0.
Protecting Personal Health Information
"Protecting Personal Health Information: A Framework for Meeting the Challenges in a Managed Care Environment," by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of health care Organizations and the National Committee for Quality Assurance

Government Sources

International, Federal, and State Resources
Utah Code Section 58-31c-102 (Effective 01/01/00)
Utah's Nurse Licensure Compact.
URAC Home Page
American Accreditation health care Commission/URAC home page. URAC is a "...non-profit organization founded in 1990 to establish standards for the managed care industry."
BILL INFO-1999 Regular Session-HB 429
Bill in Maryland dealing with multistate licensure.
Special Committee developed to investigate licensing and regulation telemedicine issues in Wisconsin.
Irish Nursing Board, An Bord Altranais
"An Bord Altranais was established by the Nurses Act, 1950 to take over the functions of two bodies, the Central Midwives Board and the General Nursing Council, which had been established in 1918 and 1919 respectively. An Bord Altranais was re-constituted and its functions were re-defined and expanded by the Nurses Act, 1985 .
Australian Nursing Council Inc
"The Australian Nursing Council Inc. (ANCI) is a national nursing body concerned with national standards and processes for the regulation of nursing within Australia. It was established by the Australian nurse regulatory authorities in 1992 as a forum for considering the regulation of nursing in Australia within a national focus. Each of the eight state and territory nurse regulatory authorities is represented on this Council.
The United Kingdom Central Council For Nursing Midwifery and Health Visiting
"The UKCC is the statutory regulatory body for nursing, midwifery and health visiting in the United Kingdom."

Regulation organizations

Organizations that are dealing with multistate regulation.
Common Criteria Mutual Recognition Arrangement
Link to The Arrangement on the Mutual Recognition of Common Criteria Certificates in the field of Information Technology
Security by the National Information Assurance Partnership.
"CLEAR is an association of individuals, agencies and organizations, which comprise the international community of professional and occupational regulation."
Links produced by CLEAR of boards of professional and occupational licensure in North America.


Center Task Forces (Pew)
Center for the Health Professions links to "...taskforces that are exploring reform efforts and opportunities in specific discipline areas."
Center Publications (Pew)
Links for downloading publications from the Center for the Health Professions and the Pew Health Professions Commission.
Critical Challenges: Executive Summary
Executive summary, "Critical Challenges: Revitalizing the Health Professions for the Twenty-First Century."


Articles from a variety of sources
telepractice guide
The Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) (1999) Telepractice and Professional Licensing: A Guide for Legislators, April 15.
Don't Drive Physicians Off the Information Superhighway
Schroeder, G. (1998) Don't Drive Physicians Off the Information. Forum, 19, (1).
Paxton, A. (1999) Devolution in Reverse, January 19.
An Overview of State Laws '” Telemedicine Today Magazine
Gobis, L., (1999) An overview of state laws. Telemedicine Today Magazine, Vol. 5, #6 and Vol. 6, #1.
Doctoring long distance
Brinegar, P. & McGinley, M. (1997) Doctoring long distance. May.

Other sites

Variety of sites related to telehealth resources
Telephone Nursing Telezine '” An E-Zine for and about Telephone Nursing Services
A ezine about telephone nursing services.
Best of Telemedicine Today Magazine
An ezine about telephone medicine.
Arent Fox Telemedicine Home Page
ATSP Telemedicine Membership Introduction
Association of Telemedicine Service Providers (ATSP),
telemed legislation
State laws on telemedicine from 1995-1997 by The Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR).