Who Does What in Health Care: References and Resources

Nursing World

Information online at American Nurses Association's site, Nursing World

Professional Organizations Response to Pew Report

These sites are generated by health care providers

  • California Nurses Association -- Response to the Pew Report
    Available http://www.igc.apc.org/cna/np/pew2.htm
    California Nurses Association's official response to the third Pew Report.
  • Medical Education and Residency Issues: Medical Education and the Future Physician Workforce
    Available http://www.aamc.org/meded/edres/workforc/pewrespo.htm
    AAMC Response to Pew Health Professions Commission Report: "Critical Challenges: Revitalizing the Health Professions for the 21st Century"
  • Opinion on recommendation by Pew for medical schools closing
    Available http://worldmall.com/msi/secure/lib/wint96.htm
    Article on medical schools closing in INSIGHT which is published quarterly by MedicalSearch Institute specifically for the benefit of in-house physician recruiters. Winter 1996

Pew Commission Sites

Direct sites for information on Pew Commission's work

Government sources on who does what

Federal resources


Resources on who does what in health care

  • National Health Care Skill Standards Project
    Available http://www.wested.org/nhcssp
    "The NHCSSP is an innovative collaboration among health, industry, labor and educational organizations to develop skill standards for health care workers. Directed by West Ed (which unites Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development and Southwest Regional Laboratory), it is one of 22 pilot projects sponsored by the U. S. Departments of Education and Labor to identify skill standards for different industries.
  • Perspectives -- Health Care Puzzle: Why Health Care Patterns Change With the Territory
    Available http://www.rwjf.org/library/hlthpuz1.htm
    Health Care Puzzle: Why Health Care Patterns Change With the Territory: A Report From The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-Health Tracking


Published articles on topic of who does what

Other sites

Variety of organizations, articles that relate to who does what

  • Academic medicine undergoes revolution, by Sanjay Bhatt (05-Dec-95)
    Available http://www.chronicle.duke.edu/chronicle/95/12/05/01AcademicMedicine.html
    This is the first installment in a three-part series on major changes in medical education.
  • Health care theorist addresses future of medicine, hospitals, by Tim Millington
    Available http://www.chronicle.duke.edu/chronicle/97/09/11/03HealthCare.html
    Story in The Chronicle (Duke University) about "Leland Kaiser, a noted health care consultant, author and futurist who spoke ... before a large crowd composed mostly of Medical Center staff. Kaiser's presentation, titled "Nursing and Health in the Next Wave of Planetary Transformation," focused on the so-called "fifth wave" of human civilization and its implications for the health care industry and nursing in particular ((11-Sep-97)
  • Ignore the profit margin; industry needs more doctors - Monday, November 20, 1995
    Available http://www.chronicle.duke.edu/chronicle/1995/11/20/07IgnoreThe.html
    Article by Edward Benson in Chronicle at Duke University.