Legislative: Overview and Summary

Greer Glazer, PhD, RNC, FAAN
Legislative Editor

The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing features a legislative column each time we post articles for a new topic (about 4 times a year) and periodically throughout the year. There are 5 major purposes of this column: 1) to provide legislative background information related to OJIN topics; 2) to offer "opinion" pieces that stimulate thinking and discussion about political issues; 3) to inform readers about legislation that has been introduced; 4) to update readers about legislation that has been reported on previously; and 5) to serve as an international forum, inviting readers to submit legislative information from their country, state, province, or region that will enlighten nurses and/or facilitate desired action in all parts of the world. The overall goal of this column is for nurses to USE the information in the political process to strengthen nursing and nurses' roles in providing quality healthcare to all.

Please submit letters to the legislative editor that react to "opinion" pieces and/or provide legislative information from a country, state, province, or region that requires action and/or will enlighten nurses internationally. If there is web access to the information, please include the URL. A pointer will be added to that site in the column if we post the information.

We hope that you enjoy and USE this feature!

To submit information, please send it to our legislative editor:

Greer Glazer, PhD, RN, FAAN
Director, Parent Child Nursing
College of Nursing
Kent State University
Kent, OH 44202

or preferably to:
E-mail address: GGlazer@kent.edu

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Citation: Glazer, G. (July 31, 1997).Overview and Summary: Legislation. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing