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Information online at American Nurses Association's site, Nursing World

Cost-Cutting Trends in Patient Care.

A news release on survey of Americans about quality of patient care.

Concerns about Patient Care in the Wake of Cost-cutting/Nov. 1, 1996.

A News release on survey results on nurses concerns about cost-cutting and its impact.

Professional Organizations for Managed Care

These sites are generated by health care providers.

American Association of Managed Care Nurses (AAMCN).

American Association of Managed Care Nurses' web page.

National Association of Managed Care Physicians (NAMCP).

National Association of Managed Care Physicians web page.

American College of Physicians' (ACP) Managed Care Resources.

Site by American College of Physicians that has numerous refrences including resource center, policy inofrmation, publications etc.

American College of Physicians' (ACP) Managed Care Annotated Bibliography.

List of both hard copy and online publications on managed care as well as Internet links to other sites on managed care.

Managed Health Care Organizations

These are commercial providers of managed care

Aetna U.S. Healthcare.

Provider of health care benefits that offers a web site for products and about topics related to pesonal health.

AAHP Online.

Provides comprehensive information on managed care from the industry's perspective.

Integrated Healthcare Association.
Available at

Provides the managed care industry association's principles of mananged care as well as an education packet.

Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser and Group Health site that provides information for consumer and provider.

American Medical Speciality Organization (AMSO) Managed Healthcare Forum.

American Medical Speciality Organization's web page that provides a forum for healthcare professionals and consumers to learn about managed care.

American Medical Speciality Organization (AMSO) Definition of Terms.

Definition of terms provided by the American Medical Speciality Organization.

Group Health Cooperative.

Health care organization web site with information for consumers and providers.

Government sources on managed care

Federal and state resources

Joint Interim Committee on Managed Care -- Main Page.

Missouri General Assembly site that provides testimony given before the Joint Interim Committee on Managed Care.

Managed Care.

Health Care Finance Administration's site on managed care and medicaid and managed care and medicare.

Health Care Finance Administration's (HCFA) Site Search.

Health Care Finance Administration's search engine enables one to search on managed care and get info on managed care.


Non-profit resources on health care that provide assistance and information on health issues.

Center for Health Care Startegies (CHCS):Medicaid and Managed Care Resource Center.

An extensive list of linked resources on managed care that include managed care organizations, email discussion groups, managed care papers and publications, government sites, foundations, and organizations.

Center for Health Care Strategies: The Medicaid Managed Care Program.

Center for Health Care Strategies web site for information about medicaid managed care program.

The Commonwealth Fund.

Does research on health policy and has several avenues to pursue info on managed care.

Health Tracking.
Available alth.htm

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation web site directed to a new program to examine and report on the U.S. changing health care.

Electronic Policy Network.

Search this clearinghouse for health policy research and reports from research instiutes, think tanks, and policy organizations.

Families USA's Home Page.

Provides frequent reports geared to the consumer on Medicaid/Medicare and managed care.

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) home page.

National Committee for Quality Assurance site provides information on assessment of the quality of managed care plans including HMOs.


Scholarly articles from wide range of sources.

Healthy Compromise: Universal Coverage and Managed Competition Under a Cap, The American Prospect.
Available tar.html

Starr, Paul. The American Prospect 12 (Winter, 1993).

Cultural Competence: Essential Measurements of Quality for Managed Care Organizations.

Lavizzo-Mourey, Risa & Mackenzie, Elizabeth. Annals of Internal Medicine 124: 919-921, (1996).

When Patients Go to Market: The Workings of Managed Competition.
Available ton.html

Stone, Deborah. The American Prospect 13 (Spring, 1993).

Managed Care: What Type of Market Awaits You.

Gersh, Deborah & Rosenberg, Ira. Managed Care Resources, Inc.

Trends in Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment and Plan Arrangements.

Guyer, Jocelyn., Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS).

Other sites

Variety of organizations, articles that relate to managed care.

Fight Managed Care!

Site that is dedicated to fighting managed care. Maintained by an individual who keeps a number of active links to organizations and publications that are critical of managed care. Has compilation of over 150 "managed care horror stories" that are available for review.

Emerging Challenges in State Regulation of Managed Care Report on a Survey of State Agency Regulation of Prepaid Managed Care Entities.

Horvath J & Snow K at the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) give report on survey of state regulation of prepaid managed care facilities.

Children's — Managed Care Topic 3.

Site from the Children's Medical Center in Dallas that has Q&A on 13 topics about managed care that is designed for parents.


An article that critiques managed care for persons with disabilities by Laura Mitchell (June 14, 1995).

New England Journal of Medicine search engine.
Available ?title=managed+care&author=

Search on managed care and get list of articles from NEJM that pertain to managed care, including editorials, book reviews, correspondence.

Creative HealthCare Management Hot Topics.

Article by Colleen Person titled "Managed Care Concepts for Nurses."

PNHP — Why the U.S. Needs a Single Payer Health System.

Article by Himmelstein, D & Woolhander S. who are writing for Physicians for a National Health Program.

Restoring the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship.

Article by Joel Cooper, The Medical Reporter (1995).

Managed Care and Long-Term Services.
Available html

Article found at ARC, the National Organization on Mental Retardation.

Managed Care Mall.

Offers information on managed care including a series of articles, news releases and links to education sites.

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