Letter to the Editor by Guevara on "Administrative Ethics and Confidentiality/Privacy Issues"

Administrative Ethics: What's Your Integrity Quotient (IQ)?

August 4, 1999
in response to Administrative Ethics and Confidentiality/Privacy Issues
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Dear Editor:

I read your article, "Administrative Ethics and Confidentiality/Privacy Issues," and agree with the decision and action guidelines as stated in the case study. The information on access to the multitude of resources, including Boards of Nursing, Human Resource Departments, and guidelines developed by professional organizations, was most valuable. I was encouraged to read that the expected outcome would be for the nurse to receive the necessary rehabilitation for the drug addiction. I would like to emphasize an important element in the rehabilitation process, namely, the assistance of her co-workers who could prove to be a valuable tool in her recovery. The co-workers are often the first people aware of the problem and may be utilized as advocates in the accountability phase of the rehabilitation process.

It is encouraging to note that oftentimes rehabilitation assistance for drug addiction is available. Handling the case in a professional manner allows dignity for the nurse while providing the necessary rehabilitation.

I would like to see the days of the past, that involved immediate employment termination without offering assistance, be only a note of the past.

Henry Guevara, RN
Graduate Student
The University of Texas School of Nursing at Austin