Letter to the Editor by Smith on "Quality Nursing Care Celebrates Diversity"

Complementary Therapies: Are These Really Nursing?

April 10, 2001
in response to Quality Nursing Care Celebrates Diversity
with reply by author


Dear Editor:

This letter is in regard to the article, Quality Nursing Care Celebrates Diversity by Dr. Leonard. Although the article emphasized very well the need for culturally sensitive care, I wish the author had also addressed the current lack of diversity among healthcare professionals. I suggest that it is important to have a diverse population of health care professionals to help provide culturally sensitive care to patients. I feel compelled to speak on this subject since I am an African-American male embarking on a career in a female dominated profession.

In Georgia, where I currently attend nursing school, I have observed a very diverse patient population. Yet, I see little diversity among the professionals caring for these patients. Although the issue of low minority representation in the health care professions has been addressed many times, this phenomenon continues to plague the profession of nursing. I am pleased to hear that even though minorities remain under-represented in nursing, there is a steady increase in the number of minorities entering our profession. I plan to address this issue of minority representation in nursing as I advance my career and hope that others will do the same, so we can enhance the cultural sensitivity of the care we provide to our patients.

Derrick Smith
BSN Nursing Student
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Savannah, GA