Letter to the Editor on "The Nursing Shortage: Is This Cycle Different?"

July 13, 2001

in response by Laudun to topic The Nursing Shortage: Is This Cycle Different? (Jan. 31, 2001)

Dear Editor:

I recently graduated from Louisiana State University at Alexandria's Associate Degree Nursing Program. I happened upon your website and began to peruse the various Letters to the Editor including many written in response to the Nursing Shortage articles.

I found that there are mixed feelings among seasoned nurses about working with new graduates. Some are thrilled to see us coming into the workforce because the extra hands (however inexperienced) are much needed and appreciated, while others have the attitude that we are SO inexperienced that they don't want to be "bothered" with us.

I would just like to say this: I do not claim to have graduated knowing everything I need to know about nursing. This would be close to impossible; and even NCLEX tests only for minimal competency necessary to practice safe nursing.

I only pray that I get a preceptor willing to teach me as much as he or she can. If they are patient with me, it won't be long before they see the fruits of their labor.

So all you expert nurses out there who are overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated...hang on tightly! I'll be there soon to lend a helping hand!

Andrea Laudun
RN Applicant from Alexandria, Louisiana