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Letter to the Editor

  • A critical element of preparing competent nursing students, not mentioned in "Crisis in Competency: A Defining Moment in Nursing Education", is the need to eliminate barriers to recruiting and retaining nurse educators still engaging in clinical practice.

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Reply by Authors Moore and colleagues to Durbin on “Multigenerational Challenges: Team-Building for Positive Clinical Workforce Outcomes”

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April 23, 2017

Response by Authors Jill M. Moore and colleagues to Bethany Durbin on “Multigenerational Challenges: Team-Building for Positive Clinical Workforce Outcomes” (May 31, 2016).

Thank you for your letter and interest in our article.  We agree that this is an area where more research would be valuable.

In our experience, while there may be the rare team that functions well without leadership, most benefit from at least basic communication and guidance regarding the differing characteristics of the other team members.

As you identified the potential varying perceptions of generations, in our literature review, we did not find data regarding different perceptions of functions of teams and team members; however, there is a variance in the value placed upon teamwork. For example, Generation Xers, born between 1961 and 1979, were raised with a higher significance placed upon independence rather than team accomplishment (Moore, Everly, & Bauer, 2016).  Further, O’Donoghue et al. (2015) reported that roles are often not clearly defined. The team members’ individual experience and education influence actual functions.

We are thrilled with the response and interest in our article, hoping it promotes further research and publications to address our shared questions.


Jill M. Moore, PhD, RN, CNE
Marcee Everly, DNP, ND, MSN, RN, CNM
Renee Bauer, PhD, MS, RN


Moore, J. M., Everly, M., & Bauer, R. (2016). Multigenerational challenges: Team-building for positive clinical workforce outcomes. Online Journal of Issues In Nursing21(2). doi:10.3912/OJIN.Vol21No02Man03. Retrieved from

O’Donoghue, S. C., DeSanto-Madeya, S., Fealy, N., Saba, C. R., Smith, S., & McHugh, A. (2016). Nurses’ perception of role, team performance, and education regarding resuscitation in the adult medical-surgical patient. MedSurg Nursing, 24(5), 309–317.