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Letter to the Editor

  • I am writing in regard to the OJIN topic, Past, Present, and Future. The number of individuals diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, especially heart failure, is growing. Originally, the management of heart failure was limited, and therefore, the quality and quantity of life was also limited.

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State Boards of Nursing (BONs) - Kansas

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Our law is silent on those therapies. We have always taken the position that if they do not fit within the definition of nursing then nurses can perform them so long as another statute does not limit it. Nurses offer complimentary therapies such as massage that are not regulated by any agency. We have no position statements at our agency but recognize that many nurses offer complimentary therapies such as massage, that are not regulated by any agency. The therapy may be regulated by another profession such as tattooing for cosmetic purposes (controlled by Kansas Cosmetology Board). Those instances may also be complimentary therapies offered by nurses if there are exceptions that allow nurses to also provide that service.

Diane Glynn, J.D., R.N.
Practice Specialist
Kansas State Board

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