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Letter to the Editor

  • I am writing to you in regards to “Ethics: Ethical Issues with Medical Errors: Shaping a Culture of Safety in Healthcare” (Sorrell, 2017). The number of deaths caused by medical errors in the United States is outrageously high, and I believe there are many things we, as nurses, can do to change that.

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New Article on Previously Published Topic, Nursing Technologies: Innovation and Implementation

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Another article has been published on the previously published OJIN topic, Nursing Technologies: Innovation and Implementation.

Lois Weldon in her article, “ElectronicHealth Record: Driving Evidence-Based Catheter-Associated Urinary TractInfections (CAUTI) Care Practices,” investigates the reduction of urinary tract infections by utilizing the electronic health record to drive evidence-based care. By displaying the unit’s results in visible, easy, and quick to interpret formats, nurses can easily see their progress, effectively reducing catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

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